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How to Talk to Your Kids

From the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website

  • Provide and maintain an open environment for discussing any substance abuse issues.
  • Clearly state they may not use any medications that were not prescribed for them.
  • Make it clear to your children that the abuse of prescription drugs can be just as, if not more, harmful than some street drugs.
  • Remind them that taking another person’s prescription or sharing their prescriptions with someone else is illegal.
  • Explain that you will hold onto their pill bottles and oversee their doses and refills. If they need medications during school, you are required to work out a plan with the school nurse or principal to give them to your child. You can also often ask their doctor for a pill that can be given only once or twice a day.
  • If your kids are taking medicines for pain, anxiety, sleep or ADHD talk to their doctor about how the medicine should be taken.  Share the expectations with your child.  If you have any concerns, contact your health care provider.
  • Make it clear to your kids that your feelings about prescription drugs are about their health, wellbeing and safety.
  • For videos and tips on how to spark the conversation about the safer use of prescription drugs visit our Parent Power Facebook page.