Support assistance and outreach for parish communities

HHS Live Stream: 1-2 pm EDT

Live from Washington D.C., the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will convene national leaders and experts to talk about the opioid epidemic and other addictions to raise awareness, encourage compassion, and reinforce the role of community and families in long-term recovery and prevention.  We will end with a call to action that will encourage local communities to get involved to address this national emergency. TO REGISTER, GO HERE.

During National Recovery Month you can host activities to further this goal.  For example, you might engage in a post-broadcast conversation in your community with participants and discuss approaches that will foster healing for individuals and families and align regional efforts to renew wholeness in your community.

To help with those discussions you can bring in local expertise to share best practices and use the Partnership Center’s new resource, Hope & Healing: A practical toolkit for faith and community leaders in the face of the opioid epidemic, as a discussion guide. For a copy email  You could also consider focusing on the live stream, or doing a round robin of how local participants are each engaging in the opioid crisis in your community, or bring in experts to present in their own areas.  These are merely suggestions; you are in the best position to fashion outreach to your community.

*This event will be live-streamed from the page. The live stream can be viewed using the players utilized by the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The player is also compatible with mobile devices running Android or iOS. HHS will set up a live stream for testing purposes prior to the live event.  (You will need a computer workstation or laptop to view the live-stream and a projector to display in the room for audience viewing).