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This Lent, detach from addiction and attach to God’s freedom by joining Catholic in Recovery’s 40 Meetings in 40 Days Challenge

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSA’s mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities. 

Use the LINK below to explore the vast number of programs and tools that are currently available to help individuals, families and communities.


If you or a loved one are in need of help in combating the disease of addiction, please see our Resources for Healing tab.




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“We walk with people as two pilgrims, understanding and listening to a vulnerable and marginalized population that has largely gone underheard and underserved”.

Keaton Douglas, Founder, iThirst

Prayers to and for those presently participating in iThirst Initiative.

                            Congratulations and Kudos to individuals who have                                   worked hard and have completed their iThirst certification!! 

iThirst is an educational program to encourage, train, and send forth individuals into parishes and collaboratives with a passion to minister to, with, for and by individuals afflicted with the disease of addictions and to support affected families and loved ones.

iTHIRST – Website Link


Support is always available to those in need despite the restrictions on social gathering in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.
We encourage all in need at this time – and those whose meetings have been temporarily suspended – to visit the following resources to find online meetings, phone meetings and even online chat functions to maintain support in recovery.

Helpful Online Recovery Tools:

Never Alone Again – Online AA Meetings/Downtown Boston Groups – online meeting 24/7 – find online/phone meetings  – online meetings for narcotics recovery

SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
continues to offer its National Help Line for any in need of help! A great resource to find available services, especially during these difficult times.
SAMHSA National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
or find treatments online!


Prevention, protection and safety for those in recovery during COVID-19

COVID-19: Potential Implications for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

What people with a substance use disorder need to know about COVID-19

Addiction Policy Forum’s additional advised precautions for those in recovery




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